Non-Waiverable Offenses (You must appear in court)

  • If you are cited for speed of 36 mph or more in a school zone your ticket is not waiverable. You must appear on the court date specified on your ticket.
  • A speed violation in excess of the speed limit by 25 mph or more requires your appearance.
  • A 3rd offense speed violation within the last 12 months requires your appearance.

Waiverable Offenses (You can pay instead of appearing in court)

  • If you are cited for speed of 35 mph or less in a school zone the total amount due is $139.50.
  • If your citation indicates that this is your second offense for speed within the last 12 months the total amount due is $164.50.
  • To determine the amount of your fines & costs for a first offense speeding violation within the last 12 months that is less than 25 mph over the posted speed limit, the fine is calculated at $2.00 for every mile over the  limit plus $89.50 court costs. Example: if you were traveling at 70mph in a 55 mph zone your fine & costs would equal $119.50.
  • 70 – 55 = 15 X  $2.00 = $30.00 + $89.50  = $119.50.

Waiverable Criminal/Traffic Violations:

4513.263B1 Seat Belt Required – Driver $90.50
4513.263B3 Seat Belt Required – Passenger $80.50
4511.81 Child Restraint  $110.50
4511.202 Failure to Control $124.50
4511.21a Assured Clear Distance $124.50
4511.38 Starting and Backing $124.50
4511.39  Turn and Stop $124.50
4511.43 Right of Way – Stop or Yield $124.50
Expired Plates/Registration $104.50
4513.241 Tinted Windshield $94.50
4511.34 Following too Closely $124.50
2917.11 Disorderly Conduct  $129.50
4301.62 Open Container in Public Place $104.50
4301.62 Open Container in Motor Vehicle $154.50

If the violation you were cited for is not listed above please call (330) 287-5650 for the waiver amount. Payments may be made by mail, in person or online.

Make checks payable to:
Wayne County Clerk of Courts
215 North Grant Street
Wooster, OH 44691